C.E.O. Desk

The overarching purpose of education must be to assist the human unfolding  physically, emotionally and intellectually. School serves not the business, political or professional agenda but rather the child and young adult as he/she unfolds those capacities that makes him/her a unique human. In other words the purpose of progressive education is to reflect on human and social relationship, realize the fullness of human existence, cultivate critical, creative and courageous thinking. DDM renders a perfect balance between the skills essential for remarkable success and advancing technology dependent world. At DDM we provide unparalleled quality education a overall holistic development which aims to mould our students and spur them out to be the brightest and the best. We cannot continue teaching with the methods of 19th century and hope to prepare our shooting stars for the ravages of 21st century. We believe ‘children must be taught how to think, not what to think’. Education at our school is not the preparation for life but for itself. DDM at Korba feels that sky is the limit for its growth.

Amar Narayan Singh

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