Chairman Desk

We have successfully completed another academic year 2016-17 with flying colours marked with pride in the journey of DDM. To choose the right school for your child is one of the life challenging decision on your part and our school DDM does just a trivial efforts to make your decision easy by choosing us. We are happy that the CBSE School has paved deep into your heart which has resulted in our phenomenal growth. An empowered individual in one who has knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to success. This is something, we understand. Each day at DDM is spent facilitating and providing our students the tools to success in life. The bewitching and tranquil surrounding are very conductive for learning. Our faculties are motivated and students oriented and we have excellent academic and e-learning facility. arousing a child curiosity, providing stimulus, encouraging originality, developing self confidence and creating a habit of success are characteristic we continually assist our student’s by integrating 21st century skills in learning. i believe that there is still a long way to go and “I have promises to keep, long before I go to sleep ” for that we are constantly reviewing and restructuring the process incorporating all the best practices concerned with quality schooling.

K N Singh


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