School Rules

  1. Student must be present at the school on a regular basis.there will not be approval of any leave of nonattendance  without any application in black and white properly signed by their parents or guardians .
  2. Student will attend the school in neat and tidy uniform.
  3. Students are anticipated to arrive in time at school,students r late without having specific reason are liable to return to home and the accountability shall lounge solely on the such cases,school shall not be liable legally for the same or any mishap on their way back home
  4. Students are stringently prohibited to abscond from the school premises during the normal school hours with no consent of the principal.if any student flees from the school with no information with the class teacher or principal,school will not take for contracted such dependability on such student.
  5. School shall not permit any student for smoking,chewing of any tobacco items or spitting the premises.there may be a scrutiny of contravention of this regulation sincerely and may cause  student removal from the school.
  6. No student shall be permitted to be dressed in expensive stuff like wristwatches , jewelry or to have case with them.the school shall not be answerable for the deficit  or damage of any such item.
  7. It is expected from every student not to scrape or mess up any article or furniture , inscribe or sketch no matter which of the walls or in any way dents things.student shall be liable to pay the cost there of if found guilty for the same.
  8. parent/Guardian are  requested to co- operative with the school in maintaining norms , traditions,educational environment  & discipline of the school by following –
    1. That they should go through the school circular regarding fee,leaves,progress report promptly and comply with instructions regarding extra attention required for the studies of their wards .
    2. That their wards don’t overstay after vacations/leave and report back to school timely.
    3. That their wards are properly equipped with study material and neatly & tidily ‘dressed while coming to the school’.


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