Career Counseling

The Career Counselling team of the DDM Public School, which started in 1998, has been rendering consistent assistance in helping the children to fulfill their dreams. We help students in-

  • Choosing the right career option or the appropriate course as per their aptitude.
  • Identify their values, aspirations and goals.
  • Scope of a course or a career that they are planning to pursue in India or abroad.
Class 11: Are be made aware of the various career options available to them in their chosen streams. They are given information on career options related to various undergraduate courses. Our guidance  help them get familiar with college life in India and abroad. Talks by experts, help them to take the right decisions.

Class 12: Are be made aware of the various institutions in India and abroad, which provide the specific course they want to pursue in college. They are given regular notification on important entrance exam dates, availability of application forms, etc. Also professional guidance for various entrance tests and application procedures is provided for those who are interested.

Our Activity Mainly Are
  1. Career awareness: which involves choice of subject selection in class 8 and 10.
  2. Interface in smaller groups:We make them aware of the numerous options and then narrow down choices to 3-4, to eliminate the confusion factor. This is based on family background, financial background, area of interest, limitations. At this stage we also discuss job opportunities and other combination careers possible.
  3. We serve as a channel of information:From our huge database we impart information like –
    1. The cut off marks/ entrance exam requirements to get admission into the related course.
    2. List of colleges and universities in Chhattisgarh, India and abroad.
    3. Goal setting step wise guide - how to proceed and prepare from now.
  4. We invite resource persons from prestigious institutions to share their experience, knowledge and professional know-how with the students, which will help in facilitating conscious decision-making.
  5. Members of the Career Cell regularly attend seminars and workshops held by institutions in order to upgrade themselves of latest options. Students are also informed about educational fairs and seminars so that they can attend them if they wish to.
Personality Development
Personality Development
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