Meeting And Interaction

It is our belief that education is best achieved when it involves a three-way process between the child, educator and parent. In keeping with this policy, the school maintains a channel of communication with the parents through regular counselling and interactive sessions, welcoming the parents to visit the school and share a meal with the children. Open House allows parents to engage in frank discussions with the Principal, Vice Principal, Headmaster and teachers about their ward's progress. It is only when the school and the parents understand and support each other that effective education can take place.

Bridging Gaps and Grand Parents' Day, provide forums to listen to parents and other family members and to guide them on how to handle the new age generation, with so much exposure. It helps to understand parents' perspectives and gives us a chance to put forward our expectations and the kind of support we need in order that together we can bring up a wholesome new generation.

माता - पिता पूजन दिवस
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