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Admission Details

To provide your child with enriching, fruitful, productive education that enables them to tread the pathway to great accomplishments by determination and righteous implications of skills and experiences. A definitive guidance and enthusiastic learning is just a few steps away. Follow the following steps for admission of your ward in our prestigious school that assures you to provide quality and holistic learning.

  • Step 1:

    Submit the following documents with fee at reception.

    • Complete registration form.

    • Colored passport photograph of student.

    • Attested copy of birth certificate.

    • Address proof.

  • Step 2:
    Basic admission test to determine eligibility for the particular class.
  • Step 3:
    interview along with both parents after passing the above mentioned written test.
  • Step 4:
    The mentioned interview shall frame the final call for admission.
Mid Term Admissions

Only worthy students shall be admitted in mid term in the case of change of school or transfer after examining the appropriate class for the same. TC must be submitted within 15 days of the session.


Withdrawal from school is only acceptable under following conditions :-

1. Principal can ask the parent to instantly remove their ward without explaining the reasons if it is beneficial for the school.
2. If a parent wants to withdraw their child, a month's notice before the end of session is mandatory.
3. Withdrawal can't take place if all past dues are not cleared and no refund from deposited fee may be given in any given situation.


School authorities may terminate a student under the following case :-

If a new student fails to pay the admission fee within 5 days.

If the student behaves badly with teachers or staff members.

If a student is caught using unfair means in examination.

Fee Provisions

School has the right to revise the fees as determined by the board of management.

The fees revision will be in regard with national cost of living and present inflation rates.

School management can increase transportation fees with an increase in fuel prices.


The students till class IX and those of class XI will be promoted on the basis of home examination.

The students of class X and XII will be promoted on the basis of board examination.

Leave And Attendance

75 percent attendance is mandatory for students in an academic session.

10 days of continuous absence of a student without permission may lead to be stucked off.

10AM - 1:15PM (Mon-sat) I - XII Summer school
8AM - 1PM (Mon-sat) I - XII Winter school
9AM - 3PM (Mon-sat) I - XII Fee deposition


Amid the COVID19 pandemic, Fee transfer is carried out online.
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    Education Programs System

    We have our plans in the class we are in and we are staggering. Having best polished Apt teachers with us who are utilizing their acquired skills to the fullest. Your kids have a chance to lift their careers beyond expectations. For us, every student matters, every excellence counts.

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    Co-scholastic Education

    The school provides the best opportunity to the students in the field of Art & Craft, Music, Dance & Yoga though it's a well-planned curriculum. Every Person, Every Opportunity in extracurricular activities will head towards a bright future. Extra activities will make your child more sharp and active.

  • Sports & Games Program

    All the special indoor and outdoor game activities are held every week to cheer up children's physical health. The School organizes intraschool & inter-school events so as provide ample opportunity to the students in the games and sports activities for every age group.


School administration is organizing free career counselling sessions for the students who are seeking guidance to choose the impeccable path for their bright future.