Sports Facilities

Sports activities are integral to the growth and all-around development of students. At DDM School, we give immense importance to various sorts of sports, games, and recreational activities that enrich the children with enthusiasm and the active nature of planning. In addition to that, Sports in the school premises inculcate in the students a leadership quality and spirit of teamwork. The School infrastructure includes the following games and sports to provide a fulfilling environment for the children to learn and grow:
• Basketball court
• Volleyball, handball, football grounds
• Cricket pitch
• Tennis and badminton courts
• Kho Kho and kabaddi playground
• Yoga place
• Carom and chess game room
• Table tennis
• Martial arts and Judo
• Gymnastics
And many more such games and sports that result in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of students. Our faculty for sports is inclusive of qualified trainers, professional coaches, and experienced teachers that provide the right guidance and appropriate assistance to the students to prosper in the sports arena. The school also organizes various in-house and inter-club competitive tournaments to engage students in fair play practices and prepare them for the real-life field struggles with inculcating in them, the right skills to train the students for tackling all struggles that unfold before them in the future. DDM school in addition to these also participates in multiple inter-school and inter district competitive tournaments where students learn the principles of teamwork, strength, unity, and mindfulness. Our goal is to provide stimulating and free-spirited learning in all ways for our students that make them dignified individuals. Our idea of Involving in sports relies upon the feeling of togetherness and group efforts that it brings. It also helps the students to push to their extreme and to coordinate with others. Also, teaches students to face failure moments as well as celebrating the winning moments in their life. Sports keep the students physically fit and immune to diseases that result in better health and discipline in life making them more open to experimentation and experiences that result in learnings that will last a lifetime for them and make a greater good in society.
Games and sports once every week and sports day events in the school not only lead to a holistic growth but also provide for recreation and interest of students as in the forward world of today, sports assist students to stay engaged and enthusiastic towards learning as well other paths they may tread in future.
Schools shape the roots of a student for them to grow into excellent and responsible citizens in the future and then further paint the future of our world and sports at DDM is one wise step in this direction itself.


School administration is organizing free career counselling sessions for the students who are seeking guidance to choose the impeccable path for their bright future.