In the technologically advanced world of today, it is of utmost importance to deliver quality education to our students with the right knowledge and inappropriate capacity to have a better outlook of the world. At DDM Public School, we believe in smart and efficient work and the internet as well technology makes it altogether a very easier job for us and our students. As teachers and mentors of children's future and life, our work is to impart the knowledge and the implications of the same to provide for a fulfilling and satiated learning environment. To keep up with the world of today, our school has a very established and professionally best teachers’ staff for computer sciences from initial grades itself because the better the teacher, the greater the learning. Our emphasis lays on enriching children with complete knowledge in all areas and a fruitful learning experience. Our experienced and well-educated teachers guide the students with the knowledge and the queries of its practical implications. We also make sure to facilitate the best growth and development of the students by etching upon the ideals of righteous actions and ways. All the innovations and discoveries around the world of technology and sciences are aimed at easing out human life and ways by providing for a better and efficient quality lifestyle. For improving the quality of education that we impart at DDM Public School, great thought and actions are put behind providing the best education through modern technology that gives out outstanding and excellent facilities for the students. We have inculcated the greatest technological ways and smart teaching methods at DDM Public School, to impart an outstanding learning experience. We have the following facilities:
• The Latest technologically advanced audio and visual aids are installed in all classrooms, labs, staff rooms, and learning spaces.
• There are also devised smart boards in the classrooms and labs for better quality education.
• The School has a speedy internet connection throughout for greater accessibility.
• There is also an internet facility for students and the teachers to cope up with the education imparted.
• We have 50 computer devices around the school infrastructure for educational and efficient administration as well.
• For better awareness of parents, the school website, SMS facilities, Emails, phones are all managed.
• There are also CCTV surveillance facilities in the school to ensure safety, protection and in addition to that, to maintain discipline in the school premises.
• Computer labs for students are well equipped with all required devices for a better understanding and conceptualization of knowledge gained.
• The School management team and system are also devised by technological aids for efficient and reliable smart use.
At DDM Public School, we ensure the progress and growth of your children by imparting quality education along with its implications and directed goals for fostering growth and adequate knowledge regarding differing strata of the world.



School administration is organizing free career counselling sessions for the students who are seeking guidance to choose the impeccable path for their bright future.