The School provides for an optional transportation of students by authorised school buses. We understand how crucial safe, secure and comfortable transportation is for children to go to and fro school regularly. Hence, our authorised school buses ensure a safe ride for your children from home to the school in morning and then back home in afternoon. For availing the transportation facilities, parents may contact the transportation in charge for all the important details. We have created bus routes that aren't too long for the students to feel tired and also, there is no overcrowding in any bus route because seats are alloted to the students beforehand. The following rules must be followed by a student boarding school bus transportation services
1. Students are NOT permitted to sit in buses in the school premises during school hours.
2. Students boarding the bus must be at their allotted bus stops, at least five minutes prior to the scheduled time of the arrival of the bus.
3. Students are allotted two cards, identity card and parent's card which shall at all times be carried by the students and the parent or guardian respectively as the student will only and only be dropped at the bus stop with their parent or an authorised person according to the parent's identity card.
4. Students must only use their given bus stop and in the case of any changes, prior written permission from school office is essential.
5. The late comers will never be entertained and hence punctuality at bus boarding is very crucial.
6. If due to any reason a student misses the bus, it is the parent's responsibility to drop the child to the school. However, he/she may return back by their allotted buses only.
7. It is advised that all students should immediately occupy their seats after boarding the bus.
8. Students should make a point to not move around the moving bus.
9. No students should travel standing on foot in their bus journey.
We will ensure a safe and protected journey of your ward with well managed discipline in bus by respective teachers of the bus route. We also have well experienced drivers and a regular audit of the same is made time and again. At DDM school, our priority is to give your child a comforting experience throughout and provide you a worry free conviction with extreme care and concern along with nurturing development of your ward.



School administration is organizing free career counselling sessions for the students who are seeking guidance to choose the impeccable path for their bright future.