With changing times, digitalization has evolved the teaching process and transformed the learning method for kids. We at DDM Public School include modern teaching technics which help students in learning new concepts and ideas. Our state-of-the-art computer networking system has paved the access to smart classes, lab sessions, and e-learning platforms for students to grow and develop. This also makes it simple for us to interact with our big parent community and virtually connect with parents in an SOS situation. The ERP software (quick college offer by NIIT) assists school management programmers. It creates oldsters with stories, reports, attendance, students' performance, etc. The online learning system, offers different services to choose from, and parents can also customize it for better operations. We offer the most effective approach to provide ideal learning surroundings suited to the requirements of every student. Our expert faculty members help students in every level of learning and develop a soothing learning ambiance. This achieves resolute an additional in-depth network of scholars, and future leaders.


School administration is organizing free career counselling sessions for the students who are seeking guidance to choose the impeccable path for their bright future.