• Interactive learning

    A much more smart and communicative approach to education. It helps to learn more creatively and engaging. Students learn new concepts with 3D animation and characters. Fun, Learn, and Grow!

  • Significance of sports.

    Sports is a vital element to the fabric of education. It’s a useful tool to build physical strength, acknowledge what it’s like to work in a team.
    Above all, have fun!

  • Co-Curricular activities, need, and advantages

    A balanced proportion of studies and co-curricular activities help students in becoming smart and intellectual. Participation of students in Extra-Curricular activities helps them in learning to multitask.

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    Importance of yoga

    With the practice of yoga and meditation, students are enlightened and experience a new spiritual quotient. Yoga and Ayurveda lead to harmony between mind, body, and soul. Regular practice of yoga helps students in having positive energy


School administration is organizing free career counselling sessions for the students who are seeking guidance to choose the impeccable path for their bright future.