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Interactive learning

Interactive learning is an approach to lessons and teaching that involves the use of computing and social networking. Since the development of modern technology, interactive learning has become more and more familiar - being practiced as early as the EYFS level all the way up to adults in higher education. It is now a key aspect in many lessons, and children are now as happy using screens in their schooling as they are with pencils and paper.

There are many ways in which professors can bring interactive training into their classrooms. Here are some of the most common ways:

  • Games -educational games like TwinklGo! Resources are great for helping children to learn while they play. There are games for all distinct topics too, for example, this Multiplication Times Table Practice or this Junk Jumble Game that teaches children about recycling materials.
  • Social media - teachers and students being connected across the whole world mean that more information is shared, methods are shown and there are connections being formed between scholars that couldn't have been made before.
  • QR codes - using smartphones, QR codes allow students to take their learning home with them, being able to access work, information, and other great resources just through the scan of their phone.
  • AR Models - models like this AR Heart Model refers to children who can explore and get creative with certain subjects that they couldn't access before. Plus, recognizing and analyzing an AR heart on your screen is a lot cleaner than bringing a real one into the classroom!
  • In an ever-developing world, technology is now a definite part of all of our lives. Introducing children to this at a young age means that their digital literacy is improved and they are confident using technology in their everyday routine.
  • Interactive learning encourages youngsters to participate more as it is more 'hands-on'.
  • It sharpens critical-thinking skills.
  • Students develops analytical reasoning and decision-making.
  • Interactive training includes more collaboration and teamwork than inherited methods.
  • Encourages imagination, creativity, and logic.

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