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Significance of sports

Whenever it comes to sports, a general question arises by the people that “what is the importance of sports in student’s life?” We agree that studies are important, but we can’t neglect the importance of sports in a student’s life as it is important for our well-being. Many well-known sports personalities were scholars in studies but choose sports as a career and achieved success in life, like Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble. Both these Indian Cricketers were seeking Chartered Accountancy and Engineering sequentially but dropped as they were not so good in studies, therefore changed their stream and accomplished a lot of success even beyond their initial expectations.

So, we can say that if you are not so well versed in studies or interested in some other activities then there are many other fields which are always open for you and one of them is sports. To be successful in sports requires regular practice, dedication, and hard work. But all these dreams can come true with easy initial steps and these steps must have started from school days. Besides, playing sports also helps students in developing good physic and decision making skills.

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Peace of Mind

We all know that there is no better activity than sports for refreshment. When we study for long consecutive hours, it’s quite obvious that we need a refreshing break. So, make a habit of playing for at least an hour for recreation. Sports activities are Directly Proportional to Health Play for some time for proper physical health. Sports help you in sustaining good physical health. Also, sports improve self-esteem and mental alertness and this is the most efficient when we involve in some sports activities at school as an early age we have good grasping power. Games like Cricket, Tennis, table tennis, badminton, basketball, athletics, and gymnastics are the must-play games at the school level.

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