D.D.M. is a unique school of exposure & admiration.it gives better environment, culture, literacy, enlightenment & above all upbringing of the students. the school provides a grasping power & capability to face the real circumstances of one’s life.

The school provides an ideal atmosphere for learner’s to acquire and imbibe skills necessary for there physical, mental, social and intellectual development .

We believe that the world could be made a better place through education which focuses on concept, ideas and issues that transcend disciplinary, culture, national and geographical boundaries to this effect the D.D.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL an aim to provide comprehensive education opportunities necessary for  preparing conscientious, responsible and dynamic future global citizens. the D.D.M. PUBLIC SCHOOL is considered to be one of the leading school in Korba Chhattisgarh .

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Prestigious Moment ….. 

Independence Day

Our Smart Class

The model is developed on the premises that when students use multiple senses (hearing, seeing, doing) and are involved in a variety of activities, they will be better involved with learning and will have better retention of concepts, the model makes use of distinct types of activities that promote diverse skills in students including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, communication skills, presentation skills etc.

Fight With Covid 19
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